September 26, 2008


Regarding the intersection of politics and everyday life, these are some of the things I'm trying do in the next couple of days,

1.Put primer on my kitchen cabinets so the time spent cleaning them up won't be wasted.
2.Feed, change, read to, hug, and help the daycare children.
3.Search online & order rugs for my hallway so my poor old dog won't suffer the slippy slidies anymore.
4.Prime and paint said hallway so I can send the rugs back within the 7 day grace period after they arrive.
5. Print labels for and compile a mailing for about 150 regarding the dinner and a movie event my local Progressive Dems chapter is planning. Oh, and recruit some help for this work.
6. Personally contact as many of my people by phone as I can to generate attendance for said event.
7. Get up early tomorrow and go door-to-door for Obama and local Dems in conjunction with AFL-CIO Get Out the Vote campaign.
8.Work with hubby on finishing the baseboard work in living room/dining room.
9. Eat, sleep, bathe & other normal stuff.
10. Clean bathroom, sweep floors & other normal stuff.
11. Oops, almost forgot, can't sweep bedroom till vacuum cleaner goes for repair. Do that.
12. Take yard sign for local Dem candidate over to my neighbor and ask them to display it.
13. Try not to worry about the pears that need picked & taken to ripen in the basement, or the apples still on the tree.
14. Cut basil & leave it in baskets to dry.
15. Laugh & have some fun with friends (yes really).
16. Maybe do some of above at the debate party at the union hall tonight.

I'm sure there are things I've forgotten, but I'm starting to freak myself out. Suffice it to say this is one way I experience the interface of politics and everyday life, as an almost impossible mishmash of demands on my time.

But what do I let go of? I enjoy everything I do. Some of it I have to do to make a living. Some of it I have to do to make a life. Some of it I have to do to get out into the world of grownups. All of it is very satisfying.

So, I turned my excuse of being too busy to post today into a post. How clever am I? Won't work everytime, I know.

At any rate, gotta go, things to do.

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Leah said...

Sounds like a healthy, active, involved life Tina. I'd be scared if the list looked something like this:
- wake, breakfast, bathe, go to work, push papers, lunch, push more paper, smoke break, go on the internet for that last hour of work, watch clock like hawk, at stroke of 5, go home, have dinner and spend the next three hours watching primetime tv: reality show/cop drama/doctor-cop drama.maybe watch local news (fox if you're lucky) and learn about the cat that got stuck in the tree that needed rescued. brush teeth. sleep.

next day, repeat.